COVID-19 Update July 16, 2021

Hello friends,

As of Friday, July 16, the province of Ontario has entered stage 3 of the lifting of the restrictions.  We are now able to facilitate gatherings inside and or out without capacity restrictions, other than maintaining social distancing.  If you have been holding off on honouring your loved one because of the limits, feel free to email us at to ask us how we can help you create a meaningful farewell.  Big or small, inside or outside, food or drink, we can make it easy.

In an effort to keep you all up to date and comply with social distancing measures, we wanted you to know that we are enforcing our safety policy, cleaning products and creating ways for you to view services from the comfort of your home. Regardless of what's happening in the world, the need to say goodbye is universal, and we are helping make sure that happens.

Please click this link to watch video for full details.

- Brett and Bill Denning

COVID-19 Update June 13, 2020

As of today, the Ontario government has updated its policies on the number of attendees to funeral and memorial services and new safety protocols. 
All of us at Denning's Funeral Homes are ready to serve, advise and help with up to date protocols and safety measures that will assist you as always in your time of need. Please click this link to watch a video for full details.

COVID-19 Update March 31st, 2020
Hello friends, as things continue to change almost daily, we continue to adapt our practices and policies to keep everyone safe while at the same time ensuring we are meeting the needs of our grieving families.

The provincial government has mandated that gatherings are limited to 5 people, the exception to this being funerals where 10 are permitted.

We have adapted to accommodate this requirement by scheduling multiple visiting times so that everyone in the family can still come to pay their respects and say goodbye.

This afternoon, We will be conducting a graveside service twice so that the entire family can participate.

Our deepest concern is to ensure families get the goodbyes they need in a way that keeps us all safe.

Bill and Brett Denning

COVID-19 Update March 24th, 2020

Hello friends,

In an effort to keep you all up to date and comply with social distancing measures, we wanted you to know that we are enforcing our policy of no more than 10 people per gathering. This doesn't mean we can't gather. It just means we need to spread out those who gather. Regardless of what's happening in the world, the need to say goodbye is universal and we are helping make sure that happens. Even with big families we are making it work by scheduling ten people at a time to come say their farewells. We are also live-streaming gatherings at the funeral home or at the cemetery to ensure that everyone can feel connected, even if from home.

Brett and Bill Denning

COVID-19 Update March 20th, 2020

To the communities we serve. We have made the decision to further lower the number of guests welcome at services starting Saturday at 5pm. Until further notice we will restrict crowds and gatherings to 10 and less people. We hope that our free live streaming will continue to help folks gather to pay tribute and remember those they have lost. This number is what we feel is safely manageable with the current situation. We understand fully the implications this will have on the families who are experiencing loss at this already difficult time. While our non essential staff begin to stay at home, our Funeral Director's remain as always ready to serve, advise and help with up to date protocols and safety measures that will assist you as always in your time of need. 

Our greatest strength is each other while our only true threat is solitaire. 

Brett and Bill Denning and Team

COVID-19 Update March 17th

Hello everyone. We have made a few changes and wanted to keep you up to date. As of today, in order to respect the Provincial request for gatherings to be 50 or less people, we will be advising families to forgo public visitations. We will also be strongly advising service gatherings (Funerals, Memorials, Celebrations of Life) be for only family members and very close friends and will be limiting attendance in order to respect the number 50. We again are very well setup for live-streaming.

For those who wish to hold these type of limited services, we remain absolutely prepared to do so. We will also be prepared to assist planning for delayed services.

These measures will not change our steadfast approach to social distancing and absolute cleanliness in our facilities.

Thank you.

Brett and Bill Denning and Team

Monday, March 16th COVID-19 Update as it pertains to the families and community we serve.

Now that we have heard from both the provincial and federal government, we want to update our policy on gatherings in the form of visitations, funerals, celebrations of life.

We know that the idea of simply cancelling all gatherings is on the top of everyone's minds but when faced with the loss of a loved one, that sort of decision is anything but simple. We want to have the policy and protocols to make sure our community can continue to grieve, mourn and pay tribute the way they need to.

1. We will continue with welcoming families and their friends to gather and pay tribute to the ones they've lost.

2. We will double down on the policies we have already enacted with respect to vigorous cleaning and disinfecting, mandatory hand sanitizing on the way both in and out of our facilities. During and after gatherings, our staff will be constantly disinfecting areas such as door handles, bathrooms, etc.

3. We will continue to offer live streaming at no charge to the families we serve, We hope this will assist many people to stay at home and protect both themselves and the public at large. Please keep an eye for some simple live stream instructions so you can set up those who are less tech savvy moving forward. It is difficult to walk through the process a few minutes before services begin.

4. Funeral lunches at our facilities and hopefully at other facilities will be paused. We will assess this as time moves on.

Please call, email or message for any concerns or questions. We will do our very best to keep everyone up to date. Know that families will generally take our guidance when deciding to hold or not hold services and for that reason, all questions or criticism can and should be directed towards us.

Brett and Bill Denning and Team

We at Denning’s continue to monitor the evolving situation concerning Covid-19.

To encourage social distancing, beginning Monday, March 16th, we will be providing a live-streaming of all funeral services to those families that wish it at no additional cost. Our live-streams can be viewed on our Facebook page.

For members of the family and the closest of friends, we want to remain open for funerals, memorials and celebrations of life. To assist the process, we hope you will consider whether or not an in-person visit to the Funeral Home is the best choice or watching the live stream.

The free live-stream service will be offered until a time yet to be determined and will be based on staff and equipment availability. While we always do our best, technical matters beyond our control sometimes interfere with this process. We will continue to keep everyone updated with any new changes.

As always, we are here to help families in their time of need in the safest way possible. If you have any questions, please contact us at